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First Try at a Psalm

I walk through streets at night alone,

Distracted by the cars, the buildings, the frustrations of the day,

The fears and anxieties and constant preoccupation with what the future

Might or might not bring.

Without my sensing it the night air washes all that away,

Leaving behind a trail of abandoned thoughts,

Like dry leaves blown away by the wind.

Then, empty at last, I look up and out to the night sky, black and limitless,

Out to the edges of eternity.

In that moment

You come to me; suddenly, swiftly, completely,

Like a strong wind that fills me to overflowing in an instant.

You come like a lover, full of passion and joy, but full of peace as well.

You come with the sound of tiny cymbals ringing in my ears,

The sound of laughter in the night.

And I, emptied of all desire but to be united with You,

Welcome You with outstretched arms.

Your joy permeates my entire body until, incomprehensively,

The vast universe before me and I are one.

You in me, me in You: no bounds,

No self, no other, no life, no death, no sorrow, no joy.

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