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Philadelphia Architecture, A Guide to the City

4TH EDITION​, 2016


Philadelphia Architecture, A Guide to the City provides descriptions and photograph—both color and black and white— of 300 of the city’ architecturally most significant buildings. Spanning more than three hundred years, these great buildings demonstrate why Philadelphia is unique among American cities, comprising as they do, nearly every style of architecture found in the United States.


Each of the four sections of the architectural catalogue begins with a short essay about the history od the city the founding of the city in 1682 into the early Federal period, through its industrialization in the 19th century, and its growth as a metropolis in the 1900s, concluding with the latest buildings erected in the 21st century. Each essay is illustrated by objects and artifacts from Philadelphia museums. The catalogue of buildings proceeds chronologically making it possible to see the evolution of architecturally styles and changing tastes. Each building entry provides historical and architectural information pertinent to the structure and relates the building to its setting in the city.


The guide also includes short biographies of the city’s most renowned architects, and maps of ten waling and driving tours that highlight important buildings in Philadelphia and the surrounding region.


Philadelphia Architecture, A Guide to the City, is a project of the Center for Architecture, a non-profit institution founded by the Philadelphia Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Profits from the sale of the guidebook go to support future editions and other programs of the Center.


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