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On Generosity



Whatever your religious orientation, even if you have none, the sayings and stories of Jesus of Nazareth present insightful and provocative ideas about how to live and behave toward others. Some of the most challenging teachings are about the issue of generosity. 

Many religions suggest that the standard for our behavior toward others should be guided by The Golden Rule—do unto others as you would have them do to you. Although this idea is included in the gospels, other sayings and stories imply that we are called to a higher standard, one that is best described by the word generosity. Generosity is usually defined as doing something to a greater degree than might normally be expected, and doing it for an altruistic reason, that is for the benefit of others. This pamphlet indicates how the sayings and stories in the gospels illustrate those two characteristics of generosity, and suggest that there are four, not just two, characteristics of a truly generous person.

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