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Reflections From A Prayer Vigil For Peace

Pendle Hill Pamphlet 358



From April 1999 to May 2004, I stood with a small group of other Quakers on Independence Mall in Philadelphia holding a sign that said “Pray for Peace.” On many evenings when I returned home, I wrote a short email about my experience of the day or ideas about peace that was sent to others who supported this effort but were unable to attend themselves. A few of these short essays subsequently appeared in Friends Journal.


Reflections from a Prayer Vigil for Peace contains ten of these essays written between the start of the bombing of Kosovo in 1999 to the start of the bombing of Afghanistan in October 2001. Among the essays included in this collection are Sowing Peace, A Fool For God, On Timothy McVeigh, and Being Faithful.


To read a sample essay click here.


To read additional peace vigil essays not included in the pamphlet click here.


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