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Personal Statement

Writing has always been part of my life. Some of my writing is directly related to my professional work in architecture and urban planning, while other aspects of my writing are an outgrowth of my spiritual interests and my interest in writing fiction to convey ideas and feelings.


My earliest venture related to architecture and urban planning was Man Made Philadelphia, a book about the cultural and physical environment of Philadelphia conceived and designed by Richard Saul Wurman for which I wrote the text. This was a popular book when it was published in 1972 and remains popular with many people even today. Copies occasionally turn up on eBay. This eventually led me to write several guidebooks, including Philadelphia Architecture, A Guide to the City—now in its 4th edition—which is the definitive guide to architecture in Philadelphia.


Throughout most of my life I have been interested in writing fiction. I wrote short stories because the demands of work and personal life never gave me time to write anything longer. I put my stories a drawer without trying to publish. However, one story was published in an anthology of Philadelphia writers called Meridian Bound, and another story was given a stage reading by a professional actor in a program called Writing Out Loud at the InterAct Theater in Philadelphia. Photographs were a source of inspiration for both these stories and for many others. In 2013, I self-published a collection of these stories entitled Photographic Meditations, some of which are about gay men or have gay themes.


The third area of my interest is writing about spiritual issues. This began shortly after I became a member of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) and consequently much of what I have written has been influenced by Quaker beliefs and practices. Most of these essays have been published in Friends Journal. In addtion, Pendle Hill has published three of my pamphlets—#358 Reflections from a Prayer Vigil for Peace, #469 Reflections from a Solitary Meeting for Worship, and #473 Be Patterns/ reflections on words of George Fox. My self-published book, Living in the Kingdom of God, was written for anyone interested in spiritual issues and the relationship of the teachings of Jesus to daily life.


I am continuing to write in all three forms, although fiction and spiritual essays are the areas of greatest interest to me at the moment. This website is intended to provide information about published books, stories and essays and to be an archive of unpublished work and work in progress. I welcome comments and feedback from readers.


Thanks for your interest.

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