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Reflections From A Solitary Meeting For Worship

Pendle Hill Pamphlet 469


When the COVID-19 pandemic forced me into self-isolation in March 2020, I began holding what I refer to as a solitary meeting for worship on Sunday morning at the same time I would normally have been attending Quaker meeting for worship at the Arch Street Friends Meeting House.


Since I was meeting by myself, there was no opportunity to share a message if I was inspired to feel there was something I was being led to share. Therefore, I decided to adopt a practice I used once before of writing reflections on my experience and sharing them with other Friends. (Those previous reflections were collected in the pamphlet #358 published by Pendle Hill, noted elsewhere on this website.) Writing brief emails had enabled me to reflect on what I was learning from the experience so I thought that writing similar reflections might do the same for my solitary meetings for worship. My first reflection was written at the end of March and the last in October 2020. The Pendle Hill Pamphlet 469 contains a selection of nine reflections; the remaining thirteen can be found in the link below, including one published in Friends Journal


My thanks to those who read them, commented on them, and held me in the Light during this period.

Reflections not included in the Pendle Hill Pamphlet

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