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On Love



On Love is an expanded version of the essay of the same name published in Friends Journal in 2011. The following are the opening paragraphs:


“Whatever your religious orientation, or even if you have none, it is possible to appreciate the insights of Jesus of Nazareth and learn from his teachings. One of his most challenging teachings is about the meaning of the word “love.”


“The Greek language has three words for the one English word “love:” eros, meaning romantic or sexual love; philos, meaning brotherly love or friendship; and agape. Agape is the word used throughout the gospels when Jesus refers to love. It is generally defined as an unconditional, boundless love for all creation. Many people feel that is the essence of his teaching—that we should love one another unconditionally. While this is true, his conception of love and what it means to love one another is quite different from the normal understanding of that word. For him, love has a more tangible and practical meaning as can be seen from the statements and stories in which the word is used.”


To read the entire essay click here.

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